Phil stuff

From all of us at The Galactic Species and New Planetary Management Group we’d like to ask that your species help us to raise funds to give Phil a well deserved vacation. It’s been over 4.5 billion years since he’s had a break and he’s becoming really miserable to work with.


I’m sure

anyone that’s attempted to ask advice or pray, as you people call it, have noticed his increased irritation in his answers to you. Check out the list of my favorites, though funny I’m sure you could see how getting millions of these everyday could lead a species to want to run around naked on the shores of Tibtub with a very large glass of Galactic Brain Eraser with extra Sudu juice.

Unfortunately, he’s already begun doing this on occasion in the office and, once again, though quite funny at the time can really be a little disturbing on “bring your own dependent being to work day.”

We have put together

some of our favorite Phil Quotes on a wearable fabric item so you can rub it in to all your friends how progressive and exceedingly intelligent you are. In addition we’ll  send Phil  himself your name so that he may actually answer your requests/ prayers in a less confrontational manner.


We thank you in advance for your support in getting Phil’s ass out of here for a bit.

Contribute now to give Phil a much needed vacation!
It’s been billions of years since he’s had any time off and he’s become a real dick to work with!
Keep Phil from losing it completely and playing really bad jokes on humans
He can have a very strange sense of humor and we don’t mean strange funny more like strange “what the hell is going on!” kinda humor.
Help Phil and get really cool stuff
As a thank you from all of Phil’s co-workers we’d like to offer you some cool Phil wear for getting him the hell away from us for a couple weeks.